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Description of Minecraft

Minecraft dumps you in a randomly generated world made entirely of cubes. Besides the player, there are daytime only what animals can be found on the planet. At night it's a different story, because then appear all sorts of monsters like zombies, skeletons and spiders. To protect yourself against this menacing beasts, you have to dig yourself by chipping off pieces.

While digging you collect all kinds of raw materials that can combine into new objects. This allows you yourself deeper and deeper into the ground digging and start building towers and castles.
It is when you write about games, of course, essential to know a lot about a lot of different games and genres, but with daily new game releases and a limited number of Euros in the bank, it is impossible to pick up everything. So I've never gotten around to Minecraft. Ridiculous, of course, this game not only has many regular gamers made YouTube star, but broke several records, including the all time best selling PC game (20 million!).
Ask a young gamer what he likes to play, then chances are that passes in that list Minecraft. A game that fascinates me, although I've never played him. It is a game with a great story: a guest starts his own to create a sandbox construction game for the PC and this is so popular that a team must be connected to. The game will appear on just about every platform imaginable and that company, Mojang, is ultimately a sloppy 2.5 billion bought by Microsoft. It seems a sort of Disney story, but it is the life of the Swedish Notch (Markus Persson), who became a retreat of 70 million dollars bought where Jay Z and Bey had their eye on.

70 million times
However, these are all things that obviously are not directly related to the game. The fact that Minecraft already pretty much sold 70 million times, making me curious. Something that is found almost universally great, in which more than a billion hours spent alone in the Xbox 360 version, I must surely appreciate, too? Reason I'm reluctant is that I really am not a builder. LittleBigPlanet I get almost the level make-mode, in Disney Infinity I do not always all menuutjes wade through looking for that one building block in the ToyBox and The Sims I put ever down the dullest house, to immediately go to the gameplay in which Sims woohoo'en begin a rewarding career and be thrown from horses.
On the other hand I hold in real life enormously from LEGO. I wanted LEGO Ewok Village are actually the cute Ewok-dolls, but it ended up building this beautiful tree village hugely enjoyable and relaxing. Since Minecraft regular "virtual LEGO 'is mentioned, there is a chance that these non-level builder enjoys it. Time to push the game into the Xbox One and see where it is all to do.

raw pork chops
"Eating cooked porkchops is healthier than eating raw porkchops," it says in the loading screen. That seems a logical remark, but you will in Minecraft undoubtedly have to make a fire to heat cooked porkchops. On the other hand you have to obviously eat in this game, so survive. That is soon confirmed when I want to play the tutorial, skip and direct a level. If you opt for 'survival' or 'creative'? In survival I seem not so good after I stopped in a kind of sweet country-like setting, I fall into a hole where I myself not to know mines.

Although I did get all opinions in the level, I decided to start again and still play the tutorial. Nice to learn determine what Minecraft skills in a small area, because apparently the world is considerably unpleasant ways when it gets dark, and then a block male must be prepared. But I will never reach that point, because at the moment I need to put a craft table together to make weapons, things go wrong. If you make something in a game or buy, then I'm used to that I have the item right away in my hand and can put anywhere. Since everything here is a cube, I do not see that I already have a layout table, at the moment I still do. Horror I come to find that I crea five tables in my inventory.
At that time it seemed to me that annoying because I had those tables again vermijnen to raw materials. But that turned out not to be all. Whatever I tried, I did not manage to get back to mine my trusty planks of wood raw material. That wood was also not to be found, so I was stuck again. Bales. I expected that my play session Minecraft piece would face the fact that I can not think of cool levels or do not have to build something good spatial awareness; not that I got stuck in a tutorial because I did not see that I already had put a table in my inventory. Painful.

very attractive
Eventually I got through there and I did have fun with Minecraft. It is not a game that managed to grab me very directly or seems logical on all fronts, but I'm surprised how blocky world yet is hugely atmospheric. I tried a Halloween-level complete with pumpkins, spooky music and a scary eye looked at me as I opened the door, and I was sorry that my game time there sat up again. Something to Minecraft makes sure you still want to continue to discover what is possible and how you will keep yourself alive. The latter is especially unexpected because I thought Minecraft was purely build without further many gameplay possibilities. This goal is survival for someone like me a big difference.
What's also cool is that there are packages available which can put your Avengers characters, or your levels all can make in Christmas mood. It's not just nice that you can build in Minecraft, but people also continue to Mojang with it by building on that game. PC seems too much extra to be made by modders, but obviously I can not try on my Xbox One. However, the multiplayer still on my list to do, but before that I must first get considerably more skill in the game.
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