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Pokemon Go Plus accessory, which players are notified when a Pokémon is nearby, working initially only with iPhones. Android support is ongoing.
It was initially assumed that the accessory would work with both iOS and Android, but on the Nintendo website now states that it is currently only iPhone 5 devices and later works. Android support Nintendo may work, but when it is ready, is not known.

An exact release date for dePokémon Go Plus accessory is never given, but Nintendo gave an estimate of July 2016. Now you can read on the website that the device comes around 31 August. Possibly Nintendo because of the popularity of the game needs more time to produce enough accessories.

It is now possible for Pokemon Go players to request PokeStops and gyms in Niantic developer. 
Some players have complained to live in relatively peaceful villages about a lack of PokeStops and gyms. In these places, items can be collected Pokémon caught and fought against Pokémon from other teams. The plaques were transferred from the previous game of Niantic, Ingress, which offers a similar gameplay. 
Niantic now has a page on its website where players can suggest a place for a PokeStop or gym. This could be uploaded a picture of the place. However, the location can be only be a business or art object and no home. This is to prevent people encounter in their homes nuisance.
Players can also indicate if they have the idea that a PokeStop or a gym in a dangerous place or disturbing condition.
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