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Looking for game cheat codes for Minecraft? Then Inside Gamer is the right place to look. All Minecraft cheats you can directly find on this page!

The following cheat codes for the PC version of Minecraft.

Commands codes

Open the command bar using the 'c' key. You can then type the following codes. This works only in the single and with the option to cheats.

ascend - Moves you to the platform above you.
Atlantis - Convert 'Atlantis Mode' to.
biome - Tells you what biome you are currently.
bring - Brings the specified entity to you.
cannon - Shoot a TNT block to where you are pointing.
chest - Gives you control over crates.
Clear - Enables console empty.
clearwater - Set the brightness of the water on or off.
clone - Creates a copy of the block where you are pointing.
confuse - Enables groups of enemies confused.
painting cycle - Switches between the painting where you pointing.
damage - Turns player damage on or off.
defuse - Put all TNT off nearby.
descend - Moves you to the platform below you.
destroy - Destroys the current item.
difficulty <0/1/2/3> - Adjusts the level of difficulty.
Drop store - Moves everything in your inventory into a chest that appears next to you.
Duplicate - Makes copies of the current stack item you own.
explode - Showing off an explosion in your area.
fall damage - Add injury from falling on or off.
fire damage - Turns fire damage on or off.
flammable - Determines how quickly a block which burns pointed to.
fly - Gives the player the option to fly.
freeze - Freezes enemies so they can not move or attack.
goto - Go to a waypoint.
grow - Leave all vegetation and trees growing on the map.
heal - Allows the player better.
Health - Fills the life of the player to a specific level.
Help - Provides more information on a specific command.
home - Teleports the player to the spawn point.
infinite items - Put an infinite number of items on or off.
instant kill - Kill a player once you hit him.
instant mine - Add instant mine 'on or off.
instant plant - Do something that you plan to grow immediately.
item damage - Put breaking an item on or off.
jump - Moves you from where you are to where you are pointing.
keep items - Lets you keep your assets after you die.
kill - Kills the current player.
killall - Kill all enemies.
killnpc - Kills all living things around.
light - Turns permanent lighting on or off.
listwaypoints - Lists all waypoints on the map.
longer legs - Makes your legs longer.
mobdamange - Enemies can not hurt you anymore.
platform - Puts a glass block under your feet.
rename - Rename a command name for a new command name of your choice.
Ride - Have you every living being where you point drive there.
setspawn - Lets you place a spawn point to a specific place.
setspeed - Determines the speed at which a player moves.
skin - Gives the player a random Minecraft Skins.
slippery - Makes the selected block slippery.
spawn - Spawns a random creature.
portal spawn - Spawns a portal nearby.
superheat - Changes all items in their fused form, such as sand turns into glass.
tele - Teleport to a specific coordinate.
useportal - Teleports you to the Nether. Use the command again to go back.
Water damage - Turns water damage on or off.
weather - Changes the weather.
world - Controls the game save from the Command bar.
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