Pokemon GO PokeCoin Generator Hack

Pokemon Go is now almost a week and kicked upside the entire society. Everybody plays it: your colleagues, your family and even your grandmother. If you do not play Pokemon Go, you simply do not do anymore. It is thus high time to install the application, if you do not yet have on your phone! For Android users is not so difficult, but on iOS you need to create an App Store account of another country, which is slightly more complicated. No worries, this guide will walk you through all the steps!

Step 1: Open the App Store, go to the tab "Featured" (in Dutch: "Spotlight"), scroll down and tap on the "Apple ID (your email address)." choose "Sign Out" or "Log off".

Step 2: Go to the app in the Australian App Store through the following link on your phone. Try installing the app and you are greeted by a login window. Choose the second option, to create a new account.

Step 3: Select Australia as a country and go to the next step by clicking "Next" or "Next".

Step 4: Fill in the information for your Australian account. Note: Use an email address that you actually have access to, because you have to later activate your account!

Step 5: If the payment data, select "None" or "No" if you betaaloptie.Als not see this option, there is rather something went wrong, probably in step 2.

Step 6: For the address, you can take the data in the above screenshot. 

Step 7: If you go to the next step, you should see the login screen above. Otherwise remains stabbing the page on the payment details, try again "Next" button or "Next". Repeat this until you see the screen above.

Step 8: Once you've entered your password, you must activate your account by clicking the link that was sent to you in an email.

Step 9: After activating your account will need to install the app automatically. After the installation is complete, you can optionally log out and log in again with your own Dutch App Store account. You can now play Pokemon Go! 

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