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On the PlayStation 3's online gaming for free. On the PlayStation 4, however, are charges. If you want to play together with friends online or just want to take on opponents from all over the world, you are required to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. There are several ways and options. Tip: PlayStation Plus offers more benefits than just online play. You can also access the Instant Games Collection, a monthly changing offer of free PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita games. In addition, it lets you save games online store in the cloud. PlayStation Plus is available in two forms: a subscription of 90 days (target price 14.99 euros) and a subscription of 365 days (target price 49.99 euros). Both are both for sale online as "just in the store." You can find them often in the rest of the games. PlayStation Plus: buy online or in store? When you buy a subscription in the shop the old fashioned way, you'll find a scratch card in the pack. Scrape it off there with a coin to find a code, which you must redeem on the PlayStation Store. Several Dutch webshops act exclusively in game codes, including PlayStation Plus codes. The advantage is that it is really fast. After purchase, you will get the code usually within minutes in your mailbox. Then it's just a matter of redeem PlayStation Store. Tip: Keep in mind that especially online Dutch codes can not be solved in on Belgian PlayStation accounts and vice versa. so buy the code corresponding to the country in which you live. Tip: PlayStation Plus subscriptions expire automatically, as long as you've added accumulate extra days. Sony will send you an email when it's ready. How to activate a PS4 code Well, you now have the code. What then? Your PlayStation 4 and go up the main menu. On the far left you will see an icon for the PlayStation Store. Once there you will find 'Redeem Code' at the bottom of the side menu. In the box you now enter the 12-digit code. You: you do not take the lines, there is automatically taken into account. PlayStation Plus purchase from PlayStation Store The 10 best and 10 worst horror games Tour the highs and lows of the genre. The 10 best and 10 worst horror games A subscription is also exit via your PlayStation 4 itself, PlayStation Store. Then you do not have to mess with codes. Just go to the online store in the side menu to PlayStation Plus. In addition to the free games of the Instant Games Collection you will also find the "Register or renew." Choose it. Tip: Only on PlayStation Store, you have the opportunity to purchase for just one month PlayStation Plus. It costs 6.99 euros. PLUS2 To pay through the PlayStation 4, you need money in your PlayStation Wallet. There are several payment options available for this, which you get to see when you choose "Add Amount." Do you still stand the required amount? Then you just have to choose Order and pay.
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