iOS 9.3.2 update: All problems solved!

iOS 9.3 the largest update for iOS 9 was previously. Version 9.3.2 resulted in iPad-Pro models to a halt. Now the errors are corrected.

Preconnected shortly after the release of iOS 9.3 complained en masse users, in particular on an iPhone 6S (Plus) any links in emails and messages could open more, even when the app crashed and Safari was unresponsive. Apple responded relatively quickly and already published on March 31 iOS 9.3.1. With the update to iOS 9.3.2, there were again problems. Actually, the update should eliminate bugs in the dictionary, allow the Night Shift Mode in the Power Saving mode, Bluetooth connections stabilize and improve the voice-over voice "Alex" - but for many iPad-Pro users it turned out differently and device refused Rows of the service. Now the update is finally possible without any problem, because Apple has the update in a revised version veröffentlicht.iOS 9.3.2 is available immediately via Software Update in the settings or via iTunes.

Affected iPads
Nevertheless, the bad version of iOS 9.3.2 leaves a lasting impression - for iPad Pro models that have been dubbed with the old Build, refuse still in service. The Apple support provides for affected Tablets no solution, but exchanges the devices in the Apple Stores. So if you have an iPad Pro 9.7 inches with broken iOS 9.3.2, you will only date in the store or a call to Apple.

night mode
Because when iOS 9.3 is running, there is a lot to discover. The new night mode, for example, is intended to help users to relax when they use their smartphone just before falling asleep. Based on the time of day and the respective time for the sunset, the software provides to the colors. Background: Current research suggests is bright and bluish light has a negative effect on the internal clock of humans and can lead to sleeping problems. Warmer colors contrast help you relax the eyes. Since the second beta of iOS 9.3, the night mode can be found even in the lower row of the Control Center.

Notes and Touch 3D
Apple has been thinking also about the note-taking app. Thanks to the secure items, it is now possible to specifically protect content with Touch ID. For the iPhone 6S-function 3D touch there are also new shortcuts, for example, options for the settings app or the compass app.

Multi-user mode for the education sector
The multi-user mode is Apple guilty for years. Especially on iPads is annoying that it is not yet possible to create multiple users and to share a device within the family, without the need to provide access to private data. A first step is Apple now in the education sector. Together with a new app called "Classroom" that allows teachers to control content on the student iPads and observed results, there is also the feature that allows students to create a profile and the switch as needed.

hide unwanted apps
hoped by many, but not explicitly mentioned in the keynote: Unwanted system apps like the Stocks app should be possible to hide. Apple's iOS has many system apps that previously could not be off. Who does not use apps like Wallet, friends, shares or advice, she pushed so far mostly in a folder so they cost as little space in the home screen. Now there is a - albeit tedious - new way. Using new configurator can be defined system constraints for managed devices. Enter the name of the unwanted apps in the "Restrictions / limitations" for example "" for the Exchange app that app icons no longer appear. Note: This app is a management program for several iDevices such as iPads a school class - the use at home is possible, but not supported by Apple.

Other new features: carplay, Health and News
Other new features can be found in existing apps. For carplay Apple adds new models added, shows in the maps app new Points of Interest  and embellished Apple Music with new playlists. Health now works better with information on the Apple Watch and facilitates the search for compatible apps and the previously available only in the US market News App also gets new features.

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